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Coaster Face

I'm fascinated by the checkered wood coasters recently purchased from Grateful Woodwork and find myself admiring the colors and patterns of each little rectangle. In fact, I even started playing with the coasters like a little kid with building blocks, creatively making smiling faces like the one pictured and in the link below.

Anyway, while designing my coaster faces, I discovered that wood is sometimes compared to humans--corruptible, changeable, and redeemable. And like just like people, each piece of wood has a special purpose, contributing to the coaster's overall integrity and beauty.

Of course, being handmade, the coasters are not cookie-cutter perfect. They each have a unique personality, and if you ask the woodworker, he could probably point out a few flaws. According to Popular Woodworking magazine, all woodworkers see mistakes in their creations. However, the difference between a good woodworker and a great woodworker is that the latter doesn't dwell on mistakes but rather learns from them.

I'm actually thinking about starting a petition to get these coasters on a Coca-Cola commercial. Picture this: The checkers represent a world of diverse people, holding hands, showing unity, and singing a song made famous in another Coke ad:

"I'd like to see the world for once,

All standing hand in hand,

And hear them echo through the hills,

For peace through out the land.

(That's the song I hear.)"

Lyrics from "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" by The New Seekers (1971)

Photo art: Heidy Weaver 2020

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