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Brainier with Big Foot

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Recently, I received some unique pictures of deer taken in Colorado, and I asked Cindy, the photographer, if she could also send a shot of a deer crossing sign.

Although she didn't see any, what she did find was even better: a photo of a "Big Foot X-ing" sign that warned, "Due to sightings in the area...this sign has been posted for your safety."

I then went back and carefully examined the photos for traces of Big Foot (aka Sasquatch). And soon, with a little technical magic, I was able to spot this elusive creature in EVERY shot:

Making videos for the "Make Your Own Sunshine and Spread It" positivity campaign has forced me to take time out to be creative--something I thought I was way too busy to do. After all, who needs to search for Big Foot in the foothills when there are mountains of dirty laundry, dishes, and paperwork to climb?

While Big Foot may be viewed as a pseudoscience, it's no scientific myth that there are numerous health benefits to partaking in creative projects.

Whether it be music, art, writing, or whatever your passion is, creativity has been linked to improved mental health and focus, a boosted immune system, and increased memory and connectivity between the brain's two hemispheres (i.e. it makes you smarter).

What's more, people who use their imagination are often less depressed and stressed, experience fewer problems with dementia, manage pain better, and have a more positive outlook.

So, take time to create...even if it's just doodling on your lecture notes. Remember, you're brainier with Big Foot.

H. Weaver

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