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One Petal At a Time

To tell you the truth, I started writing this blog entry so that I could share a cute picture of my puppy, Bella, eating a flower.

For something so small, Bella sure can make a big mess. In fact, it doesn't take long for things to get out of control. Before I finish cleaning up one mess (shredded paper towel she pulled from the trash), she is on to her next mess (using my daughter's retainer as a chewy toy).

Her curious brain is constantly flitting from one project to the next--kind of like my own. I can easily think of a thousand things at a time and am the master of finishing none. I guess you could say my life has been one big ADHD fest.

However, I recently found something to help me with this constant struggle. It's not really new. In fact, Billy Crystal discovered it in the movie, "City Slickers." It is ONE.

I was reminded of this again while reading, "The Lazy Genius Way," by Kendra Adachi. She reminds readers that even if the tasks are embarrassingly small, they can add up to something big.

As I knelt down to clean up another mess left by my pup, I looked up and saw her holding that ONE petal while the rest of the flower sat waiting its turn. I quickly snapped the photo. Yes, it's slightly blurry, like my ever-spinning thoughts. But if I focus on ONE petal at a time, I can reach my goals!


Note: You may share this photo, and if you feel generous, leave a donation which will go toward publishing my first book and spreading more sunshine. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope it inspires you and brightens your day.

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