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Out of Nothing At All

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

When I started my college internship as a newspaper reporter in my early 20s, I was assigned feature stories no one else wanted. Behind my back, they called me the “cupcake” reporter, and I worked tirelessly to prove myself so that I could cover the hard news instead.

Finally, that day came, and one story I wrote on fathers fighting for custody even earned me a state and national award. I was finally getting respect and top stories; so, what did I do? I quit.

Believe me, I’ve kicked myself many times for that impulsive move. You see, I didn’t realize it then, but I actually enjoyed being a cupcake reporter. I liked using my creativity to weave interesting stories out of nothing at all--stories that would make people smile and forget about life’s challenges for a while.

Focusing on the negative news day in and day out killed my spirit. Oh, sure, it is important to be well educated and informed, but when I focus more on finding sunshine, I’m a lot better off mentally and physically.

I guess you could say these 30-second “Make Your Own Sunshine and Spread It” videos are the 2020 version of my ‘80s cupcake stories. So, I hope they make your day a little sweeter.

Take the challenge and share a "Cupcake" Sunshine to be featured in a future video.

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