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Perfection in Imperfection

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

When I found out a friend was going on a trip to the beach, I asked her to draw a picture of a sun in the sand and videotape it for a “Make Your Own Sunshine and Spread It” post:

She is an amazing artist; so, I was surprised when her sun was not perfect and neither were the shells highlighted in her pictures. But then I realized there was beauty in the shells’ imperfections—scars that were earned while living in the unpredictable ocean world.

Like those shells, none of us are perfect. Yet how often do we stress ourselves out trying to attain that ever-elusive perfection--and at what cost?

Although it is important to give our best, perhaps our focus should be more on embracing our uniqueness and our imperfections to make a positive difference in our own unpredictable world.

Remember, one ray of light can touch a downcast soul. So, make your own sunshine and spread it.

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