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Priceless Pine Cone

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Growing up, we lived on a very strict budget, and my mother showed me that most of the truly valuable things in life did not cost a cent.

Sometimes, we barely had enough money to buy milk, but when my sister and brother were born, one thing my mom did splurge on was a 29¢ Little Golden Book called, “New Brother, New Sister,” by Jean Fiedler. The story revolves around a family excitedly preparing for the birth of a baby, and the young son, Paul, is on a quest to give his new sister or brother the perfect present.

Paul's search takes him to a park, where he excitedly finds a pine cone, feather, and bird’s nest. The wonder and excitement in his eyes from these simple gifts of nature is just priceless, and Joan Esley's pictures capture it perfectly.

At some point, I decided I need to have a copy of that book, and I found one on eBay for $5.00. But I would have paid much more for the memories it brought back to me--sitting on my mother's lap while she read the book out loud. That's when I knew that my sister would get my treasured olive seashell, and I would always find wonder in God's gifts from nature.

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