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That '70s Show

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

It doesn’t seem that long ago since a salesman came to our door in a burnt-coral, polyester leisure suit and sold my parents a set of Encyclopedia Britannica books. Monetarily, this was a great sacrifice for my parents, but they wanted us to have the latest information at our fingertips so that we could succeed in school.

As a bonus, we received a children’s set, smaller in size and bright red in color. And I spent many hours curled up next to a wooden bookcase where this treasured collection lived. Many years later, when my mother downsized, that 15-book set found its way to my home, bookshelf included.

Recently, I finally took a timeout, found a cozy spot on the floor, and opened my favorite volume—after blowing off a thick layer of dust, that is. Next thing I knew, it was 1972 again, and I was reading about everything from light to lotuses, listening to Gary Wright singing “Dream Weaver” on the radio, and riding bikes.

The '70s, like any decade, had its own cycle of ups and downs. But I'm thankful for encyclopedias, “Dream Weaver,” and bikes--and for the fact that they still exist.

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